Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I mentioned in my previous post that I lived on ramen and oatmeal and that the Ramen in the Philippines was really good, here's a couple examples:

Here I wanted you to see that this ramen came with both a spice packet and an oil/soy sauce packet. The oil is what really adds to the taste of the noodles, here's another:

This one dispenses with the oil and gives a packet of FAT. I don't know what the fat is but its very tasty and makes for a ramen more like what you'd get in a restaurant.

Theres also this:

I was super surprised when my ramen came with a little fork but it makes good sense, if you're eating on the go you probably haven't brought utensils. The 7-11 I bought my ramen from had spoons available but I found that my willingness to slurp the broth plus the little fork got me where I needed to be, which is to say it got that tasty noodle goodness in my mouth and headed on down...

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