Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Death and other entertainment

Death is inevitable, theres nothing you can do about it. In the words of Jim Morrison "no one here gets out alive". The one thing about death that worries me is dying in a hospital bed hooked up to a million machines or in a nursing home after an extended illness has left me without my mind.

If I could choose my death I'd like to die quietly like my grandfather. He laid down on the couch to watch baseball like he had a million other times, just this time he never woke up. No fuss, no muss, no trouble.
Alternately I'd like to get hit by a bus. In fact lets take that one up a notch, I'd like to get hit by a bus full of nuns. Hows this for a headline "Man in clown suit killed by bus full of nuns" I'd like to see that printed somewhere other than the Onion.
In fact while I'm dreaming I'd like the Onion to do a totally serious story on the accident while every other news source is printing the insane reality.

Okay, thats it, I need to go out and buy a clown suit. That way if I ever find myself seriously depressed and contemplating suicide I'll be ready. I figure it pays to be prepared for these things. Think how upset I'd be if I were all ready to off myself and I couldn't find a clown suit....

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