Friday, December 12, 2008

'05 Dodge Dakota

I know, its been awhile but I've been mega busy and today we're in the midst of an ice storm so I've got some time to catch up. I'll make the last 2 truck posts rapid fire.

The dealership with the Colorado I tested months ago had suggested I stop in and try out an '05 Dakota. Turned out to be a club cab, thats extended but not 4 door, which isn't really right, it has 4 doors but they're those backward suicide doors. This was a super stripped down base base model. It smelled wierd from some cleaner they'd used in it. The v6 engine is supposed to produce 210hp but I think this one might be geared to high, it felt gutless where the '04 we tried felt fine if slightly buzzy.
Overall Angie and I both disliked this truck. '05 was the first year of the 3rd generation of Dakota and it shows...

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