Friday, December 12, 2008

'04 Ford Ranger

So the first truck on our shopping escapade was an '04 Ford Ranger, extended cab but 2 doors (interesting) base model truck like the '05 Dakota, hand crank windows, rubber flooring, no jump seats in this one. 5spd manual transmission with the 4.0l v6 which surprised me, the big engine but otherwise a total base truck.
This truck was a BLAST to drive. Our '03 feels powerful but this thing flew, the manual trans really makes a difference. I'd have definately bought this truck if it'd had just a few more options like carpet in the rear space and if the price was a little lower... The dealer wanted about $2000 more than we paid for our '03, it had more miles and had a small amout of body damage. We worked with them for awhile but the '03 was just a better deal.

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