Tuesday, December 2, 2008

2004 Dodge Dakota

At the dealership where we bought the Ranger we also tried a 2004 Dodge Dakota quad cab. I was pleasantly surprised with the rear leg room of the Dakota Quad cab, I wouldn't want to ride a million miles in it but I was fairly comfortable. This truck was a v6 which is supposed to produce about 210hp. It makes the power quite high in the powerband and has far less torque than the v8 in my '96 Dakota.
2004 was the last year of the 2nd generation Dakota and you can tell. I'd driven a '98 back when I bought the '96 and didn't like it much at all, by 2004 though the interior felt quality and other than the lower power of the v6 vs the v8 I'm used to I was well pleased with this truck. The big reason I didn't want to buy it was the $4,000 premium over the Ranger. I also didn't particularly care for the short bed you get because of the quad cab.

BTW Angie had the Ranger to the dealership today, the ABS problem was just a loose sensor wire, no problem...

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