Saturday, May 30, 2009

Coleman 200A Madness!

So last night I FULLY disassembled the 200A following the instructions from OldTown Yucca. They're excellent instructions by the way.
I've decided not to paint, this after buying new decals... I really like the patina the lantern has now. We'll see, my opinion has been fickle about this whole thing...
Anyhow I got all the burner parts apart and found them almost perfectly clean, I think this lantern probably has very little time on it. It probably got dropped at some point early on but for some reason it didn't get thrown away...
Metal Ready from POR-15 makes an awesome brass cleaner. I floated each brass piece in that for a couple hours which restored the wonderful brass color and left behind little piles of gunk. The primer works now too, it was the worst I've seen yet but soaking overnight in ATF softened it right up. It was in testing the primer that I realized the check valve in the fount didn't work. Pulling that was a chore. I soaked it in SeaFoam "Deep Creep" penetrating oil for hours and then still stripped the head. I drilled a bit and used my largest screw extractor and it came right out (WHEW!). So now I'm stuck waiting for parts. I've got my list in to Robert at Old Coleman parts waiting on a final price with shipping. I'm going whole hog including the packing and generator. I don't think theres anything wrong with this generator but I figure if I'm doing it I ought to do it right... I'll keep the old generator as a spare.

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