Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lantern pictures

Pictures, finally!
The trio, together on the bench. You can see the absolutely remarkable condition of the 220f that Angie's Pepre gave me compared to the other two that lived in my Grandfather's garage for so many years. Incidentally the fuel cap on the 220f is from the AGM to the left, the cap on the AGM is from my Coleman stove, I was testing caps, those two are both good. *EDIT* Lies! The cap from the AGM leaks but slowly enough I can't hear it. The cap off the Coleman 200A seems to be good. Its of the new type. So far I'm 2 for 2 good new type caps and 0 for 3 on the old type. I've got 4 cap gaskets on order.

Model plate from the AGM, interesting that it says to open the valve 1/2 turn. Some "experts" I've read say to just crack the valve to start a lantern.

The decal on the Coleman 200a, compare this to the decal on the 220f below.Which makes me think the 220f is an older lantern. I'm sure people in the know will groan and say "of course it is idiot". This is the way we learn...

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