Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More on the AGM

Spent some more time with the AGM lantern last night. Actually I spent some time cleaning my work bench first which was probably the best time I've spent in the garage in awhile...

Anyway I wanted to see if the packing on the valve was the same size as on the Coleman. The nut that holds them together is NOT the same size, the AGM is 1/2" the Coleman is 9/16". In finding this out I noticed that the nut on the AGM was very loose, like finger tight while the Coleman was tight... I tightened the AGM down and no more leak. Sweet!

I moved outside and got the lantern to light for maybe 10 seconds but not well. Working the tip cleaner seemed to help but not entirely. At this point 2 things seem likely:
#1 I didn't have enough fuel in the thing. You get kind of tunnel vision when the lantern almost lights. I didn't have very much fuel in it at all, I should add more like 1/4 tank and try again.

#2 Something is clogged. This seems quite likely since I ran the tank out when I was at my grandparent's house last week. I thought it had a bunch of fuel in it and it turned out to be pretty much empty...

So next test I guess is more fuel and see what happens, if that doesn't help it'll be time to disassemble and clean. I hate to do that since I just put new mantles on but thats the way things go.

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